Monday, July 16, 2012

Overheard in Cold Lake

Four teenagers are hanging out at the marina. One teenage boy to the rest of the group: "I didn't fail high school! I just have to go back and upgrade so I can get a good job in the oil field."

Also, for everyone who keeps asking me how late it stays light out here, I took this picture of my street on my walk the other night. Want to garner a guess of what time I took it? (Cold Lakers are not allowed to participate in this challenge.)


  1. Sarah Underwood2:15 AM

    Ah, now that's ambition!

    I haven't lived in Cold Lake for 12 years and haven't visited in 10, so do I still count as a Cold Laker? I sure as heck didn't pay attention to what time it stayed light til when I did live there. I'm going to guess that pic was taken at 10pm! PS: Is that our old stomping grounds... Forest Drive?

  2. You bet. I was standing up near the park looking down towards my house. And you are correct. I think the time stamp on the photo is at about 10:15 PM.

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