Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Haikus of Homelessness: Ottawa

Four Haikus for Ottawa

Chloe’s huge pupil
A source of too much laughter
I am a bad friend.

Stomp walking is fun
My new friends seem to like it
They could be lying.

Cassis, champagne, gin
They’re all in my stomach now
But I’m in my head.

We sit in the park
Sunning ourselves in the shame
I am a buffoon.

Also, no haiku necessary: I met a guy named Thundercloud. (Blurry pre-shame photo proof above.) True story.

In conclusion, any restaurant that punctuates their menu in this manner fully deserves to have a 21-year-old anarchist think that he can get away with eating an entire meal with a cigarette tucked behind one ear.

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