Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You and me going fishin' in the dark

The full ice fishing story is to come shortly. In the meantime, here are the highlights:

Things Chloé dropped in the hole:
  • a bag of apples (retrieved)
  • a Scrabble tile (the letter O--thankfully it wasn't an X or a Z)
  • a C-sized battery
  • herself (don't tell her mom)

Best Quotes:

"Are they going fishing?"- Fisherman from Michigan before we even hit the ice.

"We don't get good looking girls like you around here. Don't worry, we're keeping you on a low profile." -Andrew, explaining that the population of Georgina would not be notified of our arrival.

"Stop falling the holes." -Me
"I can't. The holes are everywhere!" -Chloé

"I didn't mean to catch it!" -Me, upon catching my first fish
"Isn't that the whole point of fishing?" -Chloé

Things we caught:
  • a crayfish
  • around three perch each, of varying sizes, which we threw back
  • one gobi fish (an invasive species)

Number of times we screamed:

At least once for each fish caught, once when Chloé fell in the hole (although I was laughing too hard to join her in screaming) and once when there was nearly an unfortunate incident involving the propane stove.


  1. Are you still at I sent you an email a while ago. Wasn't sure if you still checked that address.

  2. Yes, I sure am! That email address forwards to my primary email address. Sorry that I haven't had a chance to reply yet--I've been swamped with work!