Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girls at the Rock Show

8:30 PM "I just ate pizza sauce off your face." -Courtney and I like to pick up where we left off last.

9:19 PM Free illicit wristband for the floor? Yes, please! (We're not doing drugs in the bathroom, we swear!)

9:20 PM I legitimately forgot that people smoked pot at "rock" shows. Then again, I also forgot about Box Car Racer. (But didn't we all?)

9:23 PM Mosh pit anticipation. I suspect I'll last 2.43 minutes. (Okay, maybe less. I left my crowd surfing days in the last decade.)

9:30 PM Lamest mosh pit ever. This would explain why I wasn't into Blink as a teenager.

9:47 PM A boyfriend once told me that the song "Girl At the Rock Show" reminded him of me. Strange because I would never drop out of school because I'm failing.

9:55 PM Brie hid a flask in her crotch. How exactly? I'll leave that math question for you guys to figure out.

9:56 PM What's my age again? That's exactly how I feel right now.

10:46 PM I like Travis Barker's solo. But that's more due to my love of pounding rap music than his drumming.

10:48 PM Okay, they just won my heart by acknowledging how ridiculous fake encores are.

11:04 PM Wait. This was the "Honda Civic Tour"? That has to be the least badass tour name ever.

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