Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Status Updates

I've been in Cold Lake since Thursday. Usually, this equates to a ton of Facebook status updates and blog posts, but I've been without Internet access for the last week. So throughout the weekend, I made notes of what my status updates might have said.

Friday, July 15

1:00 PM

Lakehouse FTW.

7:00 PM 

The servers at Picante didn't know what they were up against. I miss the Harbour House.

 9:30 PM

Feel really bad for Econoline Crush. They've been reduced to playing indoor soccer fields in Cold Lake. Man, they must miss 1999. (I do, too.)

9:43 PM

"No direct eye contact!" (This how you avoid talking to people you know in a small town.)

11:15 PM

Time to drop the Toronto music snob pretension. I love Cold Lake and OLP. If only it was 2001.

12:30 AM

"That's the thing about Cold Lake. It always makes you feel like you're 18 again."

12:59 AM

At a stag party. Only guys. (Obviously.) They're trying to convince us to strip. Haven't bothered to tell them it's futile.

Saturday, July 16

3:30 PM 

Best wedding vows ever. "I promise to always love you, even though you're an Oilers fan."

4:00 PM

First wedding that I've ever cried at. Congrats Kate & Marc!

Sunday, July 17

2:00 PM

Days like today are the reason that Cold Lake will always be my favourite place in the world.

Tuesday, July 19

7:34 AM

Volunteering at a golf tournament in St. Albert. Someone just asked, "Are you the people's choice?" True story. My day has been made. (It doesn't hurt that my job is to pour Bailey's.)

 6:15 PM

Highway 28, for the third time in less than a week. I only have to drive it seven more times in the next month. Feels like home.

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  1. Wow, I sure miss that blue sky and water! (And I love the blue dress.)