Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farm Fresh

As a preteen, one of my most prized possessions was a magnetic address book. It was issued by the Girl Guides of Canada and in blue script on the its gold front it said "Make new friends but keep the old." I liked to thumb through its accordion pages, looking at all the addresses and phone numbers I had acquired at various camps and events. 

To be honest, I think I was more interested in making new friends than keeping the old.

I wrote that first paragraph a couple of days ago, with honourable intentions to write a blog post about the following: unlikely friendships; why freelancing is awesome; and why local food is important, but organic food is overrated (complete with quotes from a farmer named Wilf).

But I've been insanely busy getting paid to write (that's right, I had work this week!) and suddenly it's 10:30 pm on a Wednesday and I'm leaving for Peru tomorrow. I'm not even done packing yet.

So there will be no words tonight. Instead, please enjoy some photos of my week, which hopefully convey these three thoughts adequately:

All geared up at the Organic Meadow factory. (And yes, of course I asked them about the milk bags. They had no reasonable explanation and also seemed to think it's a little weird. Or at least that's how I read it.)

The lovely Melissa makes a rescue.

More on the turtle here. 

(I want a grown-up camera. I borrowed ChloƩ's this week because my editor requested photos. Now I'm hooked.)

And then there was this day. Chris (who is one of the guys I met at the bar months ago with an inappropriate self-introduction) graciously offered to take me on his pick-up route. Twelve hours seated in a diesel truck on a bench seat in between two guys resulted in some hilarious conversations.

Don't these salad greens look delicious? I'm seriously turned off the produce at Metro forever.

I don't even like strawberries, but I'm still regretting not stealing one of these beauties. 

Tim to go finish packing. See you all in two weeks!


  1. ooooo sounds like a great time in the truck! let me know when our next field trip is. here's our list so far:

    - Ontario Food Terminal
    - Recycle Plant
    - Water Treatment Facility
    - Montreal?

    okay? OKAY!

  2. We need to set up one of these field trips before I leave for Alberta! (I might get in touch with the magazine I was working for and see if they're interested in featuring something on one of the above.)