Friday, April 01, 2011

March Savings: Year of the Deal

Yesterday at Metro in the organic dairy section, I spotted a coupon for Earth Balance margarine that someone had tucked neatly in front of the tubs. Its expiry date read 31/03/2011.

It sparked hope in me for two reasons: Some kind generous soul wanted to share their coupons before they expired--I may begin to do the same. And secondly, there are coupons for organic and natural products out there? Maybe there's a resolution to my biggest personal conflict with Year of the Deal, after all.

However, all my research has only turn up the following:
  • ethicalDeal, a group buy website. (It appears to be set up like FabFind, where there doesn't need to be a minimum number of purchases for the deal to become "active.") I just signed up today, so I'm not sure what the deals are like.
  • E-code discounts for ordering products online.
  • Printable coupons for eco-friendly products like Seventh Generation. (However, printable coupons, in my opinion, are pretty much useless unless you're really familiar with store coupon policies. Personally, I have no idea where you can use them. I'm not going to bother arguing with cashiers that they're valid manufacturer coupons. The only printable coupons I've used to date are for bonus Airmiles.)
  • The Healthy Shopper coupon book, which you can pick up for free in health food stores. There will be a new one coming out in May with 2011-2012 coupons. You can also order it online, but it will cost $4.50. (If anyone sees one of these in their local stores, grab it for me!)
  • In stores right now there are tearpad coupons for Green Works cleaning products as well as Sunlight Green Clean laundry detergent.

Year of the Deal: March Savings

Grocery Purchases: $279.74
Pharmacy Purchases: $44.38
Total Spent: $324.12

Coupons Used: $65.20
2011 Total Coupon Savings to Date: $111.45

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