Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Another day, another fail.

I've spent all day waiting for the mail to come (perhaps one of the two paycheques I'm waiting for will finally find it's way to me), refreshing my email (I'm waiting for a sizeable e-transfer) and checking my bank account (my EI still has not been deposited). I have not completed any of the activities on today's to-do list. I have, however, spent a solid 20 minutes wondering if my lack of entrepreneurial spirit is more directly correlated with general laziness and winter malaise or a complete lack of self-confidence.

At least I worked up the motivation to take the dog for a walk.

I'm not sure either one of us was particularly pleased about it, though.

Today, I will bake muffins. Again. And tomorrow, well, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow, I'll write a best-selling novel and it will be awesome.

Bored at work, you gainfully employed jerks? If you missed out on last week's friendship anniversary edition of trivia, here are some questions to help you pass the next five minutes:

1) In a way, parasites have an extra special friendship with their sponsors. What parasitic plant, when hung from the ceiling, can cause human friendships to blossom into romance?

2) What is the world’s most expensive seasoning or spice? (Hint: It comes from the stigmas of a flower.)

3) How many days did it take for fictional character Phileas Fogg to travel around the world?

4) In the 90s television gameshow Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego what is the name of the musical group that performed the theme song and at the end of each episode?

5) If you are a teetotaller, what do you not consume?

6) Who is the founder of Wikipedia?

1) Mistletoe

2) Saffron

3) 80

4) Rockapella

5) Alcohol

6) Jimmy Wales

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