Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010: Year in Review

With January midway through, I'm a little late to being doing a 2010: Year in Review blog post. But 2010 was very much a year that needs to be reviewed. It wasn't, by any means, an easy year. Among other things, I was laid-off, experienced bedbugs, my grandma passed away and I struggled with equilibrium problems for a very frustrating six weeks.

But in a way, it was the year that I needed to remember what I'm capable of. In a snapshot, here were the good times:


Ringing in the New Year with Court & Brie.


Sarah greets me during International Development Week in Kingston, which she organized. Lauren and I presented on youth edutainment methodologies in Tanzania & Kenya.


Jay and I finally sorted out some work-related conflicts. The free trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas didn't hurt. (Although I did discover that Jay is afraid of waterslides. I also discovered that wandering around a massive waterpark by myself with no contacts in is no fun.)

At Ashley's cottage in Muskoka.

Hands-down, this is my favourite place in Ontario. I know everyone loves cottaging, but Ashley's cottage has been a saving grace for me twice now.


Celebrating my 26th Birthday at Medieval Times.

Further celebrating my birthday by sinking my fingers into this knight's greasy mane.

In Montréal for May long weekend to visit Chloé.

With Tristan, Victoria and Gabe in tow, it was a classic road trip.


The second road trip of the summer was an epic one: Halifax and the Cabot Trail in only five days. "Before I met you," Jay told me, "I never understand that one could go on a trip just to drive."

Jay also isn't a fan of road trips or sitting in vehicles for long periods of time. But after this summer, I think he's coming around. (Thanks in part to This American Life and mini-golf road stops.)

First wedding of the season: Becca & Peter tied the knot in Halifax. Becca broke a thousand hearts in Vanuatu by getting married, I'm sure of it.


Epic Road Trip #3: Alberta. After two years of dating (and a year of living together), Jay finally came home with me to meet my parents.

Again, mini-golf helped. Even if it was rural Alberta style.

We weren't just home to meet my family--my best friend Naomi also got married.

"We have to do this again next year," we decided at our wedding table. "Yeah, but who is going to get married?" All eyes turned to me, Kate and Monique. Luckily, Kate will be the one tying the knot this summer.

Road trip to Jasper, where BC forest fires completely tarnished the view of the mountains.


Meeting Brockton for the first time.


My second trip to Guyana.

Halloween Guyana-style.


Brock comes home to live with us.

And I experience my first (and probably last) photoshoot.


Highlight of the year (apart from Guyana): winning the People's Choice Award.

But the glamour was over quickly with my last visit home of 2010.

I felt blessed in 2010, but it wasn't a year of luck. It was a year of calculated risks, planning and challenges.

As for 2011, I'm not even sure where to start.

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  1. Wow, a year of Jess, the world loves you! Hope 2011 holds even more adventures for you!