Friday, December 03, 2010

Shit Explosion

Holy shit, my life exploded. Quite literally. As of last night, Brockton has a case of explosive diarrhea. It fits in perfectly with the theme of this week--a dead car battery in the pouring rain, a lost TTC pass, a $40 cab ride and now a dog with diarrhea.

So now, instead of blogging about my fabulous French manicure and yesterday's interview with the Miss Universe Canada judges, I will be ruining said $40 French manicure by scrubbing shit off my dog's forehead and my floor. I will also be fitting in a visit to the vet somewhere in between taking my dog outside every five minutes, cleaning and picking my mom up at the airport.

Something's gotta give. In this case, it's showering. I haven't washed my hair in four days.

Here's a nice photo of the batboy himself, prior to his shit explosion last night.


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Youll laugh about this all some other time!!

  2. kaaaaaaaaandice2:12 PM

    I can honestly say I have been there. Mine went through a stage where she had insane diarrhea from the food I fed her, and she would get scared and eat it, perpetuating te nasty cycle.
    Eventually I boiled plain rice and put a tablespoon in her food at every meak to help form the poop, as gross as it sounds, and that worked after a few days.

    PS, something to show you that my week is craptastic too, guess who has bedbugs????!~ :)

  3. I had bedbugs in May. Let me know if you need any tips. (My top tip: call your landlord and make them bring in an exterminator. Home remedies don't work.) The dog is now on antibiotics and a rice/ground beef/cottage cheese diet. I had 40 minutes left in my day to shower before I pick my mom up.

  4. kaaaaaaaaaaaaandice3:07 AM

    omg. tips would be appreciated. the landlord has been called, but edmonton is literally infested with bedbugs right now. There are more than 100 cases within a 1km radius of my apartment building. So,the exterminators cannot make it until the end of next week.
    How many times did they have to spray your place?
    I went and bought some bedbug raid today and borrowed a vacuum from a friend and a steam cleaner from my brother and want to keep them from taking over before the exterminators come.....I am having a reaction to the bites and thye are swelling up to loonie-sized welts....needless to say I am sleeping on my couch and have my room quarantined!

  5. Anonymous11:22 PM

    bat boy looks pretty good for a guy who has the poops..hopefjully he will get over it soon