Thursday, December 02, 2010

Give a Gift That Empowers Youth

When I was researching beauty pageants, all of the websites advised me to develop a platform. While bikini waxes and spray tans are well outside of my comfort zone, determining a platform is the only thing that came naturally.

Since graduating from university, I haven't exactly been clear on what it is that I want to professionally, but one thing has always remained--I want to work with youth. Youth are at their most vulnerable. They are struggling to develop the skills to join the workforce, they are struggling to make their voices heard and they are struggling with substance abuse and lack of access to youth-friendly health services.

So, in between rehearsals and nail appointments, one of the many things that I've been working on is YCI's Gift Catalogue.

This holiday season, please consider giving a gift that empowers youth. Check out the Gift Catalogue here to make your tax-receiptable donation.

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