Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No joking matter

Yesterday a reporter from the Cold Lake Sun (who, for the record, I also went to university with) contacted me to ask if he could write a story about my quest for the crown.

As a former journalism student, it's always strange being interviewed. You know how your quotes could be used, misused, taken out of context and (mis)appropriated. However, I think it's even stranger for the interviewer. "And, of course, you know the last question I'm going to ask you," William said. "Is there anything else you would like to add?"

No. But the one thing I had the most difficulty articulating and the one thing I keep thinking about is how this has turned from somewhat of a joke into, well, this. Whatever this is, anyway.

It's turned into working out every day--or at least thinking about it seriously. It's turned into a guy named Bobby doing my hair. It's turned into being way too preoccupied about the post-Guyana rash that's appeared between my thighs. It's turned into considering whether I should go get a bikini wax for the first time ever. (I had only planned to get my toes waxed, but maybe my priorities should be realigned now that I know that I'll be performing a dance routine in a bikini.) It's turned into daily sponsorship requests for my upcoming trivia night. It's turned into my Mom flying down to Toronto for the show.

So what was the joke again? I feel like I'm starting to forget.

I'm so close to my goal it's ridiculous. Only $200 more to go! Thank you to everyone who has voted for me!

And thanks to my latest sponsors:

Monique Haugen
Andrew Lockhart
Teri Lefebvre
Kate Welwood
Helka Lamminkoski
Rachel Bokenfohr
Lindsay Strang
Judi Florence
Bev Williams
Graham Florence


  1. That isn't the same newspaper that caused all the "cerfluffle" about your old blog? If so I'd tell them to pound salt...

  2. Haha, it is the same newspaper. I loved that you remember that. I wish I could forget that.

    But yes, they've burned me multiple times.