Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Class Photo

One of the girls at rehearsal today let me know about this video. "I didn't watch it though," she said, "I wasn't really in it."

Fair enough--I wouldn't want to watch it if I wasn't in it. (It's kind of like your school picture, right? You never used to check out other kids in the photo. You'd always look at yourself first.)

However, you can spot me in this video way more often than I was in my high school yearbooks. And that's saying a lot, because although I wasn't "popular" in high school (apart from possibly being the most popular target to throw garbage at in the agora), I belonged to every non-sport related committee or activity possible. Like the honour roll. (That does count as a non-sport related activity, right?)

In total, there are six photos of me in this video. The first is at the 0.10 mark. Props to anyone who can find me the other five times and actually manage to tell me apart from all the other girls who are also wearing gaudy earrings and loads of makeup.


  1. You are without a doubt the most stunning woman in this video. I have always said that you are a classic beauty- modern pin-up girl- and here you are old hollywood beautiful. My votes on you.

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Very glamorous!

  3. Craig7:18 PM

    I agree with Gillian, you do have a very classic beauty to you've got the firey red hair. I'm not going to lie, i'm a sucker for red heads...and I'm not trying to hit on you. I know it's hard to believe. :P

  4. jess, you're seriously the prettiest girl in the video - with and without makeup. those other girls look like generic barbies who make guys buy them drinks at richmond street clubs.
    you like scrabble and pipes and beards and baking and random trivia, and that's way better.