Friday, September 17, 2010

Process of Elimination

Alright, since everyone keeps asking me about the process, here's how the Miss Universe competition works:

First, each applicant had to submit a paper application and two pictures. Although I don't know how many applicants there were in the GTA, I've heard that upwards of 3000 women from across Canada apply each year. Accordingly to organizers, approximately 250 were chosen for the group interview session, which is what I participated in last week.

Following the group interview session, participants (I'm not sure how many, but I'm going to ballpark 150), were invited to participate in a runway and choreography session. The upcoming session will determine how well the candidates follow instruction and--if I read the invitation correctly--how good they look in a bikini and heels.

From the runway and choreography session 44 delegates will be chosen from the GTA and Central Ontario area to compete in a preliminary pageant in early December. From the preliminary pageant, 10 girls will move onwards to compete in the Miss Universe Canada competition next spring. One girl will emerge the winner, who will then go onwards to represent Canada at the Miss Universe competition.

My personal goal (other than to become Miss Universe, obviously) is to make it into the preliminary pageant in December.

It's strange, but ever since I got the email this week inviting me to attend the next round, I'm suddenly taking this quite seriously. Serious enough, that I know a spray tan is in order. Serious enough, that I attended a class today at Flirty Girl Fitness called Hard-CORE. Serious enough, that I know all my jokes about masochistic behaviour suddenly are no longer jokes.

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