Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Losing five pounds in three weeks isn't an entirely impossible feat. Unless, of course, you're me. Remember that one time I said that the plate of nachos was my last meal? Well, I'm either a liar or have absolutely no self-will.

Here's a sampling of my dietary choices over the last week:

-Boston Pizza's seven-cheese baked ravioli, with a starter caesar salad
-Deep-fried buffalo perogies from Kelsey's
-Kraft Dinner with cream cheese (Jay's speciality)
-A cheddar, jarlsberg and apple grilled cheese sandwich on raisin-walnut bread at the Gladstone
-Betty Crocker frosting by the spoonful (when Jay caught me eating this, he literally chased me up the stairs, cornered me and took the spoon away)

The worst part is, my goal of eating healthier (and eating out less) is coupled with my goal of spending less money. Basically, I'm writing this to shame myself further.

As for exercise, does watching The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp while thinking about exercise count? (According to this study, it does.)

Well, it's time to go grocery shopping. I have to turn all the apples I picked this weekend into delicious mini pies. Because nothing says commitment to weight-loss like homemade pastry.


  1. My girlfriend caught me eating frosting straight out of the container as well, and now lovingly refers to me as 'icing face.'

  2. I too cannot help but indulge in spooned frosting-container pleasure.