Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The pre-application process for Miss Universe is surprisingly straight-forward: a no-brainer three-page application (the first page alone just asks for vitals--which, in this case, involves providing my shoe and bikini size), $30 and two pictures (full-body and facial).

Here are the pictures I chose to submit:

(Were they good choices?)

Today was my official last day at work. Funemployment begins! I plan on using all my free time looking for corporate jobs, with the sole purpose of eventually writing a bestseller; "From Grassroots to Business Suits: How selling my soul paid off my postsecondary debts." It seems like a pretty solid plan.

Until then, it's Alberta time!


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I love how you slipped in a photo of Nicole Kidman in your application. Well done!

    Congratulations on your first day of freedom. And best wishes for success in your next ventures.

  2. great photo choices, I'm looking forward to seeing where this turn takes you. :)

  3. Jessica this is awesome!

  4. absolutely stunning!

    Hi, I've just been reading back through your blog after discovering it during my google search on Guyana and intend on doing some additional reading this evening.

    One thing I can't figure out, why the huge, "I'm self-conscious of my looks" thing? Am I reading you wrong?

    It is some sort of feminist mockery/ploy? (hold on don't decipher that)

    Anyway good luck in all you hope to accomplish and keep writing!!!

    you can find me in TO (I can pray can't I) ciao Miss Universe-to-be