Monday, March 30, 2009

Beacon of Productivity

If I were going to write a letter home, it would probably read something like this:

Dear Mom and Dad,

As of late, I've been a beacon of productivity. Work is going well. Last weekend, I went to the Distillery District to represent my organization at Timeraiser. The poutine was awesome, and the free drink tickets didn't hurt, either.

While the Timeraiser was all about getting other people to become more engaged in their communities, I decided I needed to do the same. So my friend Sarah and I volunteered at jhr's Night for Rights on Friday.

This past weekend, I also managed to clean out my storage closet, where I found (at least) four-year-old household garbage, giant spiders, mouse droppings, the grill from a GMC truck and enough clothing from 1997 to clothe a small developing nation. I only wish I was joking.

And then, instead of spending money on alcohol, I spent my Saturday night helping Sasha and Courtney work on their eco-friendly Cradle-to-Cradle fashion collection for Alternative Fashion Week. I plan on spending some more time in the coming weeks in the fashion lab helping them out. They're joking that I'm their "intern."

And in between saving the world, I still found time to serve at Hidden Lounge's new location.

Needless to say I've been keeping busy. Will write again soon!

Love lots,



  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I remember talking to Sasha about C2C and how excited she got. She may be delighted to know there's an interview with Michael Braungart (the granddaddy of C2C) in Azure's May issue.

    Definitely not plugging, not plugging at all.

    - Nina

  2. I almost hopped a bus to toronto last night, but reason got the best of me. Anywho, looks like I will be there soon since I have every sunday monday off nowadays, I know how much you love Sunday Brunching!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I have to say while that shot of you on the plastic horse rules, the one you have on facebook rules even more.
    A true beacon, nonetheless.