Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm pasty.

I feel the need to report on things that have passed, and those that will come to pass, but all I really have to say is this: I'm being whisked off to Mexico for a much-earned vacation for the next week.

It's a strange time, this--this stage between being an adult and being a--I actually don't know what. What does one call the life stage directly before being an adult? You know the one?

I mean, it's strange being at this place in my life where I can only afford to buy groceries on a monthly basis--and yet, when asked if I'd like to go on my second tropical beach vacation of the year, I can't help but say yes. And although I may have been eating grains for the last two months (very reminiscent of my Vanuatu diet), I can still afford to shell out $40 for a new bikini at Winners.

Yes, it's rough times at the ranch, indeed.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Speaking on behalf of all men everywhere, a new bikini is always a good investment.

  2. not a girl not yet a woman?

    You can thank britney for those words of wisdom!

    have fun on your vacay! i am jealous already!