Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh RRJ Lab, how I miss you!

I'm at work on Saturday. This is how excited I am to be here.

Okay. I admit it. That was a lie. Although I am here by choice. Sort of.

Working on a 24-page annual report reminds me of weekends in the magazine lab. I'm signing off on each page as I go. Only difference? I went into journalism because it didn't involve crunching numbers. And that calculator I'm holding? It's well used. Let's leave it at that.

(Although I do have to admit that I'm somewhat excited to play around with iPhoto as a five minute break. In my six months of working here, I had yet to take a single photo of myself using my Mac. Which is pretty incredibly considering what a camera whore I am.)

Wanna cheer me up? Swing by for the Arts & Crafts Nuit Blanche party at my home tonight.


  1. Dammit, I'm in London for Nuit Blanche. This sucks.

    And on the subject of crisp autumns, it's all about perspective. When I was soggy in Vancouver last fall, I was longing for the crispness of Ontario. At least leaves fall to the ground here, without turning instantly to sodden pulp.

  2. Anonymous6:46 PM

    That first photo is extraordinary.

    It's also cool that you have a Mac

    Have an awesome party! Take photos so I can pretend I sort of experienced it.

  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Yeah, I'd also love to try and cheer you up by coming to the party, sadly I can't...
    Puss och kram anyways! ;D
    Oh, and have you got a new computer? Congratulations! I'm also a big fan of iPhoto

  4. No, I still have my regular old crappy PC laptop. My computer at work is a Mac, though.

  5. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I miss the lab too! But your eyes look so white and beautiful, so work is clearly a step up from the RRJ.

  6. Ugh. I have to crunch numbers too, except that I'm "checking" them for other journalists. Lol. Thank goodness for calculators.