Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh RRJ Lab, how I miss you!

I'm at work on Saturday. This is how excited I am to be here.

Okay. I admit it. That was a lie. Although I am here by choice. Sort of.

Working on a 24-page annual report reminds me of weekends in the magazine lab. I'm signing off on each page as I go. Only difference? I went into journalism because it didn't involve crunching numbers. And that calculator I'm holding? It's well used. Let's leave it at that.

(Although I do have to admit that I'm somewhat excited to play around with iPhoto as a five minute break. In my six months of working here, I had yet to take a single photo of myself using my Mac. Which is pretty incredibly considering what a camera whore I am.)

Wanna cheer me up? Swing by for the Arts & Crafts Nuit Blanche party at my home tonight.


  1. Dammit, I'm in London for Nuit Blanche. This sucks.

    And on the subject of crisp autumns, it's all about perspective. When I was soggy in Vancouver last fall, I was longing for the crispness of Ontario. At least leaves fall to the ground here, without turning instantly to sodden pulp.

  2. That first photo is extraordinary.

    It's also cool that you have a Mac

    Have an awesome party! Take photos so I can pretend I sort of experienced it.

  3. Helka5:51 PM

    Yeah, I'd also love to try and cheer you up by coming to the party, sadly I can't...
    Puss och kram anyways! ;D
    Oh, and have you got a new computer? Congratulations! I'm also a big fan of iPhoto

  4. No, I still have my regular old crappy PC laptop. My computer at work is a Mac, though.

  5. Carla4:30 PM

    I miss the lab too! But your eyes look so white and beautiful, so work is clearly a step up from the RRJ.

  6. Ugh. I have to crunch numbers too, except that I'm "checking" them for other journalists. Lol. Thank goodness for calculators.