Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shameless Plug takes on a whole new meaning. . .

That was the best blog title I've written in a long time. And you're about to find out why.

While my blogging counterparts are receiving things like Microsoft's secret weapon to combat the Ipod (and by weapon, I mean a Nerf-style weapon--cool-looking, colourful, but in the end, pretty ineffectual for serious damage) my own blogging prestige is finally resulting in some swag.

But instead of pricey electronics, my package was a little, er, more pratical.

That's right. Tampons.

And for a company that's trying to stress their environmentally-friendly nature in their latest campaign, I was kind of confused by the plastic packaging.

The truth is, I have no shame in writing about the product or posting pictures of the product on my blog because the best part about these viral marketing campaigns is that you're supposed to be candid about it. And while I applaud the marketing companies for targeting the blogosphere as a potential way to make a buck, I think this may also be a major flaw in their brilliant plan--it's an open forum for criticism. (Thoughts? Marketing fascinates me. In another life, I am pretty sure I was some seedy advertising guru.)

With that being said, maybe I'd have more to say if a company had sent me say. . .a food product. Because you know what I love? Food. It's a lot easier to get excited about food than it is to get excited about menstrual products.

My favourite part of the whole package is the water bottle. I've been dying for a stainless steel waterbottle, and I'm just hoping that the phrase "mighty.small" doesn't catch on as an phrase identiable as being related to menses. Also awesome? The cute hot water bottle and the fact that o.b. is a product I actually use.*

Anyway, any ladies out there want some tampons? Let me know, because if you don't, I'm just going to put them on my kitchen table like popouri. That, or send them with volunteers from my organization to Africa. (No joke.)

In other fascinating news, Canada Day resulted in a burnt back.


*There's no point in lying. The token endorsement sentence is fact--I actually do use this product--but I only included it because I don't want to get blacklisted from the free stuff bandwagon.


  1. Two Words: Diva Cup. The best friend of vagina-lovers (and the eco-conscious) everywhere.

  2. Ha! My sunburn is better!

  3. I also own and use that product. I did a review of it for McClung's.

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Well, as a seedy advertising guru, I submit that it's worth the risk to companies to engage their consumers.

    At best you become more of an advocate, and because you're a real person your word carries mucho weight with other consumers.

    At worst you criticize the product and they still get market research. Anyway it's so cool that your blog is on the radar screen. As it should be, of course.

    Happy Canada Day sunburn!

  5. Anonymous4:33 PM

    actually, mike bought a zune and it may be just as good as the ipod. that's saying a lot, coming from someone who has had multiple ipods and is about to buy her second mac laptop. the user interface and software is surprisingly non-infuriating and direct, given that windows is famous for its runarounds.

    the only thing the zune doesn't have is wifi or a touch screen, but considering the price point is anywhere between zero to 100 bucks cheaper (depending on if you're comparing it to the classic 80gb ipod [smaller screen but also priced at US$250] or a 16 gb touch [wifi but less disk space US$400]), that's a discount worth taking. too bad it doesn't work on OS X, because they're cutting out a lot of prospective buyers.

    anyway, i'd rather get free tampons i don't know how to use than not get anything at all. kudos, e-celebrity!

  6. Those are the most colourful tampon holders I've ever seen. Kudos! Mmm, did you guys ever have the Kudos granola bars here? Damn, those were good. The makers of Kudos could send me some Kudos...but I digress. Nice sunburn kiddo.