Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Style

My style is a nerdy-looking girl wearing a pretty dress, apparently. Ugh. I hope this didn't make it into the print edition. (Also, the quotes were fabricated, with my approval. 'Cause I was like all, "I don't get it? Toronto secret? Wouldn't it no longer be a secret if I told you?" And favourite store? "Uh, my favourite store is in Edmonton." The only thing that I actually said was the bit about the monocle.)

I'm braving the rainy weather in my nerdy glasses, my shorts from junior high school, a too small-tank top and paint-splattered sandles to find out is my stylishness looks better or worse on newsprint.

Edit: Yup, there it is. Thankfully, NOW is a weekly publication.


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM


    Cool shoes too.

  2. that is sweet. Could be worse... ever seen Enza Supermodel in person? Wow.