Thursday, April 03, 2008

special treat

Yay! Spring! I really like spring. (I'm really good at it. Like, if there was an award for being good at spring, I'm pretty sure I'd win, or at least get an honourable mention.) As soon as the temperature soars above zero, I subject my feet to endless blisters in order to wear brand-new open-toed shoes that have been waiting in my closet for over a month. It's plus 10 out? Or even plus 5? Time for bare legs. Skipping? A completely reasonable action on a day like today. Still don't have a job? Doesn't matter, because it's spring!

And this is the icing on the spring cake: Natty and I are the proud owners of a much-coveted Queen Street West apartment balcony. Only problem? We don't have any furniture. (Natty is tiny, but I don't even think she can use a paint can as a stool.) Anyone have any crappy chairs or tables kicking around that they want to donate to the cause? If so, we'll happily repay you in mojitos and sangria when the weather's right.

The countdown to the degree is on! Only 7 days left and about 2 months worth of assignments. Wish me luck!

In other entirely unrelated news, all my non-school related thoughts are devoted to monocles. It's the next big thing, I swear! I want a monocle necklace from Leviticus Jewelery like nobody's business.

Alex asked me to list all the things I want right now and this is what the list looked like, in order of appearance:

1. Tropical Vacation (although I'll settle for a trip to Finland & Iceland, or Croatia)

2. Monocle Necklace

3. Bicycle, since mine was stolen and Alex finally moved out and now lives 8 km away

4. New Chuck Taylor's (mine have holes in them, and my only other sneakers were given to me during a marketing campaign and are too big)

5. New purse (nothing fancy, but I want one that slings across my body rather than just over my shoulder. All this newfangled mega huge bags don't appeal to me. I want a mom purse.)

I've clearly got my priorities in order.


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    That's such a great photo of you -- you look so happy and content.

  2. I told you--I'm really good at spring. (Thanks!)

  3. I might have a table and chairs for you if my aunt doesn't want hers back...will know by end of this week