Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Countdown to Degree

Since I'm nearing the end of my academic career (and the 12-hour days--or in yesterday's case, the 18-hour days--that come with it), I thought it was time to bring my camera into the lab:

This is the boardroom, also know as "the fishbowl." All the masthead meetings take place here. It's also the place where passerbys tap on the glass, hoping that we will react.

The RRJ is back from the printers and ready for action. Well, almost. Today, we had to hand-stuff subscription cards into 1,200 magazines. "This is like slave labour," someone said. "No, we pay to do this," someone else responded. "It's actually a whole new level of slave labour."

Our loyal editor Carla, giving the worst celebratory speech I've ever heard. While popping the cork off the sparkling juice (not champagne--the booze comes later) she started giving further instructions. So the speech went something like this: "Okay guys, after we're done with this, I need someone to take the magazines down to Magazines Canada and then. . ." I interrupted her. "Aren't you supposed to give a speech?" So she started again: ". . .and then Magazines Canada will send our magazines out into the world to be read by all!"

So basically, worst celebratory speech ever, best enthusiastic instruction giving ever.

The Spring 2008 masthead. Click for a high-res version so you can see the awesome expression on Carla's face.

And that's how it's done folks: by an all-female masthead.

In the lab, this is my computer. We don't actually have assigned computers, but a select group of lab rats staked out our places early in the year. You can tell I chose this computer in September by the signage--this is left over from when I thought I had pink eye.

When I look to my right, I see Rebecca.

To my left is Canice.

And in front of me is my pirate in a bottle. (I grew him.)

I might miss this place someday.

Tonight, Brie, Natty and I went to Mass Exodus to see Sasha and Courtney's final collections. It was a mini-China reunion: Katrina sat with us and Karen was there.

Two days left.


  1. How, exactly, does one "grow" a pirate?

    Congrats on finishing up your work! I bet it feels like a major burden has been lifted. Time to celebrate! In keeping with the Pirate theme, I recommend some Captain Morgan Parrot blended with some frozen pineapple and coconut milk.

  2. hey jess, do you and natty want our table and chairs for your balcony? they're all yours if you want em!

  3. We do want them! How big are they? Like, would we be able to carry them on the subway home?

    And when would we have to move them by?

  4. Too big for subway...it's the table we had our thanksgiving meal on, but you can make it smaller...but still, a car or truck would probably help! We're moving out end of April, so sometime before then!