Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pants on Fire

We went to look at a place for Alex on Saturday up by Summerhill station. Here's the funny part: he might be moving into a basement apartment in my prof Tim's house. For real. At first it made me a little nervous, until I found out that sound doesn't travel. (C'mon. Wouldn't that be your first concern, too?) However, it might be a little awkward if Tim and I leave for school at the same time in the morning. Like, would I take the subway while he drove to school? Would he offer me a ride to school? I can't decide which would be more awkward.

Today we met up with Laura from the eyeopener and did a rooftop photoshoot. (This, after our Ryerson press passes yet again failed to impress. So instead of shooting pictures directly in front of the buildings, we had to improvise.) Climbing up an ice-covered fire escape is not a hangover-friendly activity, though.

Haha. This picture is too funny. The look on Alex's face is, "Haha, suckers, your apartment burnt down." Alex, that was your apartment, too, little buddy. (Seriously, click to enlarge. It's worth it.)

Oh, and did I mention Melissa came with her portfolio for OCAD? My favourite part was an awesome painting featuring a monkey with a penis. (Not that monkeys don't have penises. Clearly they have genitalia. But I just don't think that they're typically featured as sexual beings in art. Jane Goodall docs discluded, of course.)

We were walking home today when we saw the litter guy. Alex told me that once he gets his own stuff together, he wants to buy the litter guy a new pair of shoes. (My boyfriend is sensible. To him, a pair of shoes with good arch support is a gift from the gods.) It was then that I confessed to Alex that I have a hard-on for the litter guy. (Granted, I told him I had a crush on the litter guy, but quite frankly, why not build up my reputation as the girl who is willing to date semi-homeless guys?) "That makes me jealous," Alex said. "I can't believe I'm jealous of the litter guy."

"But," he conceded, "he is pretty attractive."


  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Article turned out great and the page looks real good. I fought hard for the spread but alas, at 45% ad content this week I had to share the spread with arts and life. At least there's no ads on the page.

    The photo of Laura taking a picture of Alex is awesome. Can I get a high-rez version for my scrapbook? Kudos to the both of you again for the piece.

  2. Karon,


    As for the high-res version..the one of my camera is a slightly higher res and uncropped. But if you click on the photo, it will enlarge it to a higher-res version and you can save it from there. (It's still a little pixelated because I was being a dumbass and usin gmy zoom as opposed to walking a few steps forward.)

  3. Anonymous10:44 PM

    i also love the litter guy. i once gave him $5 in kensington, because i hate when that neighbourhood gets trashed on weekends.