Friday, February 29, 2008

The Update

I'm beginning to wish that I lived in some obscure location where I could take pictures of the weather and the horrible conditions in which I live, and people would pity me. But that would mean living in Cold Lake.

Natty and I are staring at our snow-covered patio and talking about buying patio laterns, planters and furniture. I hope that happens sooner than later.

Today I called UBC to talk to a horticulturalist about whether fertilizing house plants with menstrual blood is actually beneficial. He wasn't there, so I called the ladies at Gladrags instead. They told me that it's essentially the same as bloodmeal. I'll wait until I hear back from the experts to give you a verdict on that one.

Alex Dodd is in Vaughn right now, earning big bucks at the new Planet Organic. I'm applying for jobs, most of which are unpaid, and procrastinating from finishing my online RRJ story. Honestly, I'm sick of both conspiracy theorists AND debunkers. I don't know what to believe anymore. Is there not a happy medium?

Melissa is coming tonight. I am excited to see her. That is all.

(Pictures stolen from Chloe. Last night was another RRJ fundraiser. I failed to bust out my camera.)

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