Sunday, February 03, 2008

This is for Chloe Tse.

A number of semi-notable occurrences have taken place:

Alex, Dayn, Mark, Junior and I went to Nathan Phillips Square to watch the Weakerthans play. And when I saw "watch," what I mean is that Alex, Dayn, Mark and Junior watched, while I stared at the back of tall people's heads.

Julia and Dayn came to visit. This was directly correlated with a can of orange spray-paint exploding in our living room.

Alex found a place to live down the street from me--with two attractive women and a greenhouse. He's more excited about the greenhouse.

Canice and I were interviewed for a documentary about feminism. Because I'm an idiot, I used the non-existant word "equalitist." Repeat after me: egalitarian. (That's the real reason I call myself a feminist instead of an egaltarian--I can't remember the damn word.)

And then Natty, Dayn, Alex and I took someone hostage in the back of a rented white van. (I was going to make a pedophile joke here, about how we decided to play "stranger" and Dayn's bag being filled with candy, but I restrained myself.)

And I actually got a rash on my upper lip from Alex's mustache.

All in a day's work.


  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Oh you've gotta love beard burn! lol
    Thanks for the kind hospitality Jess!

    Hopefully I will be seeing you soon!

  2. Dayn has always had a huge head.