Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ego Embarassed

In other, non-tragedy related news, I'm almost embarassed to report that my blog has been high-fived via the Internet by white supremacists. Scratch that--I am embarassed.

Last year sometime, I wrote a blog about the "I'm a white minority at Ryerson" Facebook group and the media that surrounded it, including an article written by Jessica R., the other red-headed Albertan Jess.

Anyway, the characters on Stormfront started ballasting Jess for her article via a messageboard on the site, and somehow, my blog got pulled into the whole affair. And the reason why? Because I'm a redheaded Jess from Alberta. One of the Stormfront guys mistook me for Jessica R., linked my blog and wrote:

"Anyway, the reason for this post was to say that Jessica [R]'s article was actually fairly balanced. BUT! -- the balance of it was completely destroyed by the insidious Title: "'White power': Campus group stirs race debate." She says her editor created the Title, I believe her.I was impressed by her blog on this topic."

Oh well. I'm glad somebody is impressed by my blogging abilities--even if they are white nationalists. *Shudder.*

Oh, and also, before the whole fire incident, reading week wasn't a complete write-off. Some fun was had last weekend. Proof:

If you're not offended that my blog has been approved by white supremacists (forgive me, really), please still consider donating to the Roof Is (Was?) On Fire Charity.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far. We were able to buy groceries today! (That deserves high fives all around in itself.)

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