Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Braking News

While I might complain about being stuck in the lab, the truth is, the mutual procrastination trips we embark on are memorable at best. First, was the time Canice called the abortion people (see the Torontoist link for a post McClung's very own SNP wrote on the subject) to let them know that she, a toy soldier, really doesn't like kids in the first place.

Today, my curiosity fueled me to google "Obay," those ads that even have transit workers wondering in online forums who is behind them. (Again, check out the Torontoist post for the low-down and a picture if you're not too sure what I'm talking about.) The mystery marketing campaign is huge, with advertisements all over the GTA, London, Ottawa and Montreal. In addition to the transit ads, they even have a hot line. If you want to be cool like everyone in the magazine lab who is mutually procrastinating right now, call 1-888-YOU-OBAY.

I promise it's worth it. It will make you docile like a kitten.


  1. I too have seen these mysterious and alarming ads. I believe I will call that freaking number.

  2. The "OBEY" campaign started out as "Andre the Giant has a Posse". But the family of Andre the Giant didn't like them using his name, so it morphed into "OBEY".

    See Wiki:

    Gotta love the warning from their site:

  3. Sorry for the non-clickable links (curse you Google!) Here are the Clickable links:

    Andre the Giant has a Posse
    Obey the Warning

  4. No, this is different. It's actually spelt OBAY.

  5. Huh -- well I guess I should have read your link rather than assuming it was the OBEY ads I'm used to seeing. That's pretty darn funny, whatever it is! I thought the Jefferson Airplane lyric for the headline was especially appropriate.