Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rock for Humanity

On Friday night, Court and I decided to take advantage of our one last true weekend of freedom (cue George Michael- FREEDOM!) and we headed to Lee's Palace to watch a friend's band play.

Nothing says "Rock for Humanity" like a band with two singers, neither of whom actually sing, persay.

But on a screaming level of things, they were actually pretty decent. That, and the 18-year-old versions of Court and I were definitely swooning over one of the "singers." New Year's does that to people--makes them nostalgic for the days of bygone bad taste and rebellion. It made us nostalgic enough to discuss whether Court and I would have been friends in high school. Survey says. . .yes. We would have bonded over trying to maintain the perfect shade of pink hair and the merits of dating band guys. Court, however, likely wouldn't have been into my straight edge goody-goody goth girl angle, but hey, you never know.

Afterwards, we went upstairs to the Dance Cave.

Ryan came to join us for the dance party. Misplaced frat boys (in the background here) stared at us. A random South American guy got his girlfriend to come over and ask if I had a boyfriend.

And then drama ensued. It was very OC-esque, complete with a drink thrown. I'll leave it at that.

Both the heels on my shoes broke (the rubber bottoms fell off, leaving me to dance the night away on nothing more than metal spikes). I just thought I was being really clumsy.

And maybe I was. I woke up this morning to discover that my debit card is missing (I've never lost my debit card before). But when I called the bank to report the card lost, my cell phone decided to die. I went to charge it, but then the charger broke. Then I went to the closest Rogers Wireless, but it was closed. So I had to go all the way to the Eaton Centre just to buy a new charger so I could report my debit card lost.

Oh, and our bathroom sink is clogged. Drain declogger isn't working. The lights in my room are still burnt out, contributing to perma-mood lighting. While romantic, it isn't condusive to applying for jobs/editing front-of-book stories, or reading another 200 pages of a book for tomorrow.

Yup, it was definitely the last night of freedom.


  1. Thrown drinks? You can't taunt us with stories of hilarity and then leave us hangin' like that. I call shenanigans! Poor journalistic form!

    I've never seen "The OC", but if it's anything like the real thing, I can only imagine that your story involves copious amounts of plastic faced people with small, yappy dogs in ugly, overpriced handbags.

    Did I tell you about seeing fisticuffs at the local ham shop on Christmas eve? That was one of the more humorous highlights of the holiday season.

  2. No, but you probably should!

  3. San Bernardino, CA (AP) -- Patrons lining the sidewalk of the San Bernardino Ham Shoppe started their Christmas Eve with an altercation involving two men in novelty reindeer antlers. Witnesses tell the AP that one of the men involved allegedly "disrespected my female".

    The patient queue of ham lovers unsuccessfully urged the men to "chillax" as the brawl spilled into the Ham Shoppe doorway critically wounding both sets of novelty antlers.

    The melee quickly ended when armed Ham Shoppe security guard, Smashin' Jackson, approached the men and demanded to know if there was a "muthafuggin' problem in my Ham Shoppe?!?" Both men agreed that there was, indeed, a problem in the Ham Shoppe but that it could wait until the two of them had received their respective hams and vacated the premises.

    When pressed for comment, one of the men involved stated - "Ain't this some bullshit on Christmas?! I got priors and I ain't goin' back to the joint over some shit about a ham!!". He later added - "Shit, I don't even eat ham!!"