Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lights Out

I can't even believe it myself, but it's true: my lightbulbs are burnt out AGAIN.

There is a lot of dark profanity coming out of my mouth. (Get it? Dark. Hahaha. Oh. . . .)

And so this post isn't entirely depressing, here's a picture of one of the deer my dad is feeding in our backyard.


  1. If I had deer showing up at my house on a regular basis, I'd have cute little nicknames for them like "Chili" and "Jerky". I get coyotes stopping by just about every day, but the deer are nonexistent -- and so is the venison chili!

    "Can any of you sickly-skinny Hollywood weirdos tell a brother where he can get a bowl of venison chili?!? Your fancy-dancy freaky-deaky high-falootin' restaurants have everything from kelp flavored wheat germ smoothies to apple flavored oxygen, so somebody gotta have some venison chili for me, right? RIGHT?!?"

  2. The funny thing is, every time we had visitors over during Christmas break, they'd look out the back window and simultaneously have these two response. "Awwww." Pause. "That'd be a really easy shot."