Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mi missem yufellas tumas

Liesa, my group leader from Vanuatu, finally posted some of her pictures on Facebook. And pleasantly, from the 50 out of several hundred, she chose to include one of my favourites. I haven't seen this photo in over a year, but I love it:

This is me attempting to communicate with small children. (More specifically, as part of my small team project, I was responsible for teaching the community about the environment and composting. Exciting stuff.)

From Liesa and Morsen's final report:

Challenger Feedback Form

Jessica works well within a group in all areas. . .her upbeat personality is infectious, and maintains a positive atmosphere in the group. She works hard on the worksite considering she has never worked in construction before. . .

Communication Skills

. . .she shows respect and everybody likes her. She has even managed to get over her fear of dealing with children under the age of 5!

That last bit on the report is a blatant lie. Liesa and Morsen actually changed the report when we returned to Port Vila before they turned it in to the head honchos. The original report suggested that I need to work on my communication with children skills. Case in point? The above photo.

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