Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mathematical Help

I own 22 dresses.* Seven of those dresses are black. (Well, one is actually floral, another is black and grey, one is black with white polka dots, and one is black and green. So that means I really only own 3 black dresses.) I am currently $12,000 in debt and being supported solely by my parents, some very small paycheques, and some equally small scholarships.

Should I buy another black dress? Is there any possible way to justify this?


*This figure does not include all the skirts I own, which is an equally embarassing number. And just for clarification, some of these are winter dresses, some are summer dresses. And I didn't buy all of them. At least half of the dresses I own were free or second-hand. For example, the black dresses alone:

1) Black wool cowl-neck dress- $80
2) Black floral- free (hand me down from Chlo-po, once property of the Vic drama department)
3) Plain black spaghetti strap dress- $30
4) Ben Sherman dress- $150
5) Polka Dot Dress- $3 (Value Village)
6) Fancy black Jacob dress- free (hand-me down from Monique)
7) Black and green organic dress- $110

Total spent on black dresses in the last 7 years: $373.00
That works out to $53.29 per year spent on black dresses. (However, most of the dresses paid for themselves in the tips I earned serving while wearing the given dresses.)

As for the 22 different dresses, I wear every last one of them. And I only own 3 pairs of jeans. (This is a new figure. This time last week, I only owned two pairs of jeans, which totalled in value at a mere $90.)


  1. This is less of a math question and more of an artistic one. It really comes down to how the dress looks.

    And then of course you must look at it from a logistical standpoint. It is December. Is the dress wearable in the winter?

  2. I say buy the dress! Sidenote, when are you leaving for Cold Lake again????

  3. One can never have enough black dresses. Go for it! :) One can also never have enough shoes or lipglosses.