Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Imagine some bugles

So, there's a huge annoucement that needs to be made. . .

Today, I wrote my the last final exam of my undergraduate career EVER!

This is BIG NEWS people! This is CAPS-worthy! And PUNCTUATION-worthy!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I should feel a huge sense of relief and rejuvination. But instead, I just feel like it I've just crossed another thing off the list of things to do.

Because I'm going to be looking like this for the next two weeks or so. (Photo credit to Chloe for really capturing the essence of "the lab:" poor posture, glazed over infected eyes, generally grumpy demeanour and lust for a Scrabulous break in my eyes.)

Things to Do Still*

1. Second draft of my RRJ feature (includes additional interviews, additional research and re-writing)

2. Fact-checking another student's story

3. Special Projects Research (which involves flipping through back issues of magazines and writing down relevant information)

4. Front of Book First Draft (includes interviews and writing)

5. Everything to do with McClung's until it's sent to the printers (fact-checking, inserting fact-checking changes, copy-editing, heds and deks, pull quotes and a little bit of pulling out hair--should be fun times)

6. Applying to internships and jobs

7. Get over eye infection, make a cheesecake for friends, host a party, get drunk, dance and celebrate


*despite the fact that classes ended on Monday and I just wrote my last final exam EVER!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on finishing school. Now get a job, hippie!

  2. Well, sadly. Not finished school. One more term to go. Just no more exams.

  3. Jobs suck - I want to go back to school!!!