Friday, November 09, 2007

Lies for the Liars: RRJ Fundraiser

Okay, so whomever decided that I should get drunk and be handed a microphone should be given a gold star.

I think that gold star goes to Carla, in fact, who looked directly at me and Rebecca during the fundraising meeting when she asked, "Okay, who is loud and wants to emcee the event?" She agreed to be my co-emcee.

We took full advantage of our power.
"Jess, you look really pretty tonight."

"Well, Carla, you're looking pretty damn fine yourself. You make me wanna. . .triple word score!"*

"Hey Jess, here's my phone number. I was wondering if you could. . .fact check it for me."

"Carla, you make my word count go up."

"Damn, your daddy must have been an editor, because your body is tight. . .and polished!"

We announced the raffle prizes, responded to the increasingly drunk crowd, and tried not to topple in our high heels. (Or maybe that was just me.)

After not exiting my house in a month, two glasses of wine were enough.

It seemed to be the case for everyone else, too. Minus Jasmyn, who walked into the bar, whispered conspiratorially to me that she had no money and was going to try and mooch drinks off of people, and then half an hour later came up to try to mooch a drink off of me. (Which I bought her. I just thought it was too funny that she told me about her "plan" and then forgot about it.)

Okay. I'm bored of writing captions.

My face may be a mess, but I still have nice legs. Good work me.

Definitely the end of the night.

At the end of the night, we closed up shop, and Jesse carefully guarded the cash box. Oh, so carefully.

The End.

*Note: All the pick-up lines were courtesy of RRJ alum Jen Fong, who happened to stop into the mag lab when Carla and I were scanning the Internet for lame journalism jokes. Except for the first one. I made up the Scrabble joke all myself.


  1. I want to come over for one of those smoothies...we need a dinner party before Xmas, when do you go home?

  2. Not until the 22nd. I'm drinking a smoothie right now. mmmmmmm...