Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Various afflictions and maladies

I'm starting to long for the good ol' days, when anonymous blog commentors actually had some verifiable grounds for trying to accuse me of being an alcoholic. Oh yes, those were the days. Were they really only two months ago?

Instead, this is what my weekends look like. I'm off the bottle and on to sniffing markers. It's a good high.

It certainly explains why my classmates are so chipper to be at school on a Saturday.

And then there was Canzine, which was actually incredibly fun. Even after my designated shift representing at the McClung's table was over, I kept hanging around and circling the room. I couldn't figure out why I just didn't leave, considering the amount of work I had waiting for me at home. And then it all came together--not only was I avoiding homework, but I was actually in a social atmosphere. It was interesting to discover that I'm still capable of conducting conversations.

But I know what you're all really here for. To hear about my eyes, right? Because who isn't interested in the on-going subject of my various medical maladies? (I mean, this is earth-shattering business here--timely, vaguely interesting, and probably makes you feel a hell of a lot better about your own life.) Well, here's the verdict: those black shoes there are my official re-entry to society shoes. I planned my debut, as Natty calls it, for November 6th.

However, according to the eye doctor, the official re-entry to may not actually occur until 2 more weeks from now. It's a virus, and I have to let it runs its course.

My face got pretty mangled with eczema for a while.

But that's gone and I'm nearly ready for action (two weeks from now). "You look really good," people kept commenting today. I figure this has something to do with the fact that I was wearing makeup for the first time in a month (for my grad pictures). And I can't help but think that when people went out of their way to comment on my appearance today, what they were really saying was, "You look way better with makeup on."

Sigh. We can't win all the time.


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    looks like you eyes are back to normal!

  2. Anonymous2:27 AM

    first of all - amazing RRJ banner thing. you guys win way more than we do.
    second of all - are those buttons McClung's buttons? cause if so, i am amazed AGAIN. wow. please save one for me.
    third of all - yay for re-entry into society! i have been following your pink eye sagas and been feeling for you. Here's hoping!

  3. Of course those are McClung's buttons! They even have our website around the edges...we'll be sure to save one for you!

    In other news, I woke up with pink eyes again. My life hates me.