Friday, September 07, 2007

Week in Review

I've been trying to enjoy these last few moments before I'm surviving solely off empty library floors, codeine and the journalism support group (aka my masthead.)

Last Sunday night, I went to watch Charles and some of the boys play at Brickworks. It was an evening of cherubs with indie haircuts and boys who unintentionally emulate Bob Dylan. It was a night of jokes about Adam Smith and Calvinism that were appreciated by all--but went right over my head. It was a time when I started to realize that my university days are drawing to a close--and that's not entirely a good thing.

Hey, look! It's Sasha. I haven't seen her for 8 months. And hey, it's our new friend Chris! Hi, Chris! Thanks for overlooking our social awkwardness and eating bread pudding at House on Parliament with us!

The night ended with dancing on the dock to keep warm in defense of the evening's condensation.

The day after being terrified by my first masthead meeting of the year, was spent in the sun on Gould Street.

It was Club's Day. And let me tell you, things that are not fun: trying attract volunteers to a relatively unknown student publication, all the while yelling over the pounding music of two student groups trying to outdo the other with excessively high auditory levels of their equally horrid ethnic music.

Canice was sitting across the street, hitting on cute boy bike messengers. I, meanwhile, was attempting to defend feminism to the few people who stopped at my table. (I copped out of most of these arguments by claiming that I couldn't hear my attacker's arguments--which was entirely true. My ears were ringing.)

The only thing on my side: the cover of the winter 2006 issue, which was picked up by numerous passerbys. I'm sure several guys who grabbed it are going to be dissapointed by the contents within.

And tonight is Ashley's 24th birthday (we're both part of the old journalism ladies club). I'm celebrating the last few homework sparse moments by drinking Superwine. (Vodka + Crappy Fake Wine = Superwine! It's pretty much every parent's dream.) Because nothing says a party like Superwine.


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Yet again I learn something valuable on your blog. You're a genius. Also, I hope you got a lamp.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Superwine? You are disgusting.

    And how is it a homework sparse time??? I'm pretty sure we have 90 pages to read for great journalism and 50 for ethics this weekend. And it's the first week of school!! But maybe I should take the hysteria down a notch and brace myself for the rest of the year...

    ps I'm really happy to hear about your lightbulb.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I WILL be drinking Superwine this weekend at girls night and I WILL get out of control.

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    If this blog is a true representation of your social life, it appears that you spend most of your spare time drinking. Ouch.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anon- In total this summer, over a period of 4 months, I only went out three times. I haven't seen my friends in 4 months. It's the beginning of the school year. And I'm a journalism student. You do the math. (Or, if you want to get inventive, go into the backhistory of the blog and you can read all my posts from the two solid months I spent at the library.)

    Finally, out of all of the recent posts, there may be people holding alcohol or drinking, but you are presumptious is also thinking I was drinking. Since when does sitting around with my friends playing guitar equal drinking? Or how about when I'm sitting around doing volunteer for my campus magazine? Do you think I secretly have a flask by my side? And I went to a music festival so that MUST mean that I was high on various types of drugs that as a student with a huge disposible income *cough* I'm able to afford. Good deduction skills. Someone is holding a beer, so I *must* be wasted.

    So yes, this blog is a true representation of my social life. You just haven't bothered to read it, and therefore have no reason to judge.


  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Touchy, touchy. I don't know what I was thinking. Must have been the superwine, cuz regular wine doesn't get you drunk fast enough. What was the second question in the CAGE questionnaire?

  8. Yes, and I have my reasons to be touchy. (Yes, I binge drink. No, I don't drink all the time. No, I don't feel the need to drink in social situations. Yes, I feel the need to defend and justify myself to random people.)

    But you're right, according the CAGE questionnaire, developped over nearly 40 years ago, I'm a full-blown alcoholic. I'm sure that's in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as well. Then again, 20 years ago homosexuality was considered a mental illness in the DSM. Hmmm. Funny how that works.

  9. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Ok, so the CAGE concept is old hat, is it. Keep talking. As a certified alcoholic, I'm almost convinced, but not quite.