Thursday, September 13, 2007

It was all a dream, tiny dancer

I didn't take my camera to the Girl Talk show tonight, but I didn't need to. As it stands, I'm pretty sure the night is premanently engraved in my mind as the biggest dance party I've ever seen.

Picture this: The show is sold out, and the room is packed to capacity. Anyone who's been to a concert at the Phoenix knows that a sold-out show is 3,000 people standing shoulder-to-shoulder, fighting for and inch of room and a glimpse of the stage. But this isn't a concert. This is Girl Talk.

Instead, all 3,000 (or whatever the capacity of the Phoenix is) of those bodies are pulsating. The floor feels like it's going to cave in under the weight of all 6,000 moving feet, and not a single person is standing still. But it isn't just your par for the course head bobbing that's going on. Even in the furthest reaches, from the front of the stage, to the doorway to the bathrooms at the back, everyone is dancing. And everyone is dancing hard. The room smells like the collective body odour of the masses, and steam is rising thick above the crowd. Shirts are removed, straightened hair turns curly, and the air is so heavy with fake smoke and heat that it's difficult to breathe.

In short, it was ridiculous.

[Oh, and just for the record to the anon commentor from a couple of days ago who really annoyed me: just because I attended a venue with alcohol served in it, does not necessarily mean I was drinking. I know this is shocking, and difficult to comprehend, but it is possible to go to the bar without drinking. It's a revolutionary concept, really. Of course, I did need to snort cocaine that was bought with my trust fund at various points throughout the evening, but it doesn't matter, because I didn't drink. Right?]


  1. Down with judgemental people.

    Up with massive dance parties!

  2. I've spent most of my adult life seeking out exactly what you described. Music, in its truest form, is an experience -- a collective moment in which the energy flows from the stage to the crowd and back again. Once that circuit gets complete, hang on to your knickers 'cause it's ON!

    There's a theater in Manhattan -- I forget which -- where the dance floor sits atop a series of springs. So when things REALLY get crazy, the floor is literally undulating under your feet.

    My advice in dealing with anon posters who feel the need to project their insecurities upon you is -- "Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck!".

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Hey Rev, my name is Bob, and I'm a bishop, so I outrank you. Someday I expect to make Pope. So much for anonymous. You know what though? Lots of things can be projected, including denial. It's part of most conversations, to a greater of lesser extent. If you post your private affairs on the internet and open a free comment section, what the hell do you expect? Applause from everyone, all the time? It's a soap opera and the audience gets involved. Some call it as they see it. My friends and family tell me when they think I'm full of shyte,even though I'm a bishop, and good on them. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't.

  4. Tiger got to hunt,
    Bird got to fly;
    Man got to sit and wonder, "Why, why, why?"

    Tiger got to sleep,
    Bird got to land;
    Man got to tell himself he understand.

  5. AnonyBob -- I don't subscribe to any of that Catholic hierarchical jive, but even if I did, I'd place you somewhere between eunuch and creepy organ lady.

    >> If you post your private affairs on the internet and open a free comment section, what the hell do you expect?

    If I have an open party and someone takes a dump on the living room floor, they'd be shown the door post haste.

    Since you are shocked (SHOCKED) to see college kids drinking alcohol, I should also warn you that college kids also consume psycho-active substances, chug gallons of milk, shave their genitals, have unmarried sex (sometimes WITH EACH OTHER) and engage in any number of unhealthy\illegal activities.

    Are they alcoholic\drug-addicts\sex-fiends in need of salvation? No. They're normal college kids doing what college kids do.

    And if these comments are a representation of your social life, it appears that you spend your free time trolling blogs. Ouch!

  6. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Rev, rev. Ad hominem attacks (and name-calling?? how old are you rev?), non-sequiturs, hypocrisy... where do I begin. I really don't have the time for this, rev.

    Lots of ocean-going alcoholics got their start in college, rev. You want to start over?

  7. >> Lots of ocean-going alcoholics got their start in college, rev.

    Good to know -- I suggest you go find each and every one of them and give them your "OMG YOU ALKY!!" rap. I'm sure they'd love to hear it. Tell 'em Rev sent you.

    >> I really don't have the time for this, rev.

    I'm sure! So many alcoholics to condemn -- so little time.

  8. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Jess, I apologize for my ill-chosen remarks which have caused you distress. My intent was not to insult.

    As for rev. pit bull, I have nothing more to say, except to recommend anger management therapy.
    He would be wise to follow Alex's example- a gentleman.