Saturday, September 01, 2007


In a mission to avoid the food-crusted-on-as-thick-as-mold-on-old-coffee-filter-stove at 518, I jumped at the opportunity to go to London for a couple of nights when Courtney invited me.

So on Tuesday night we boarded a surprisingly packed 10:30 p.m. bus, and spent the next day lounging beside her Dad's pool before Brie's "Goodbye London" party.

Yay! Friends!

All my commentary about the night is being self-censored.

Basically, it was a lot of fun, and I missed my 11:30 a.m. bus on Thursday morning.

A little woozy, I went home and dropped off my bags before I headed down the street to my new home to see it for the first time.

Yes, that's right, the first time. Oh, and did I mention that I was scheduled to move in for the following morning and had never seen my room before, even in pictures? True story. I'm adventurous like that.

Here's the deal: My new roomate, Natty*, has been in Europe all summer. Her old roomate, Brooke, is going overseas in a month (she's living here until the start of October). But I needed a place to live and Natty needed a roomate. It seemed like a sweet deal when I heard about it (washer & dryer, patio, sunroom, living room, 1 and 1/2 bathrooms, two floors, right on Queen Street West) so I jumped on the deal and agreed to live with her without ever seeing the place.

Until the day before I moved in. Natty warned me on the phone, "Your room needs to be painted. There's spackle on the walls." I thought she was just being picky or exaggerating and figured the room probably didn't really need to be painted.

Until I saw this. And then I noticed the 20 foot ceilings. And wondered how I was going to possibly paint them. And then I noticed all the random screws and nails in the walls."The light's burnt out," Natty told me. Icing on the cake.

I cried a little. But just on the inside.

Fourteen hours, two coats of butterum paint, multiple bruises and three hundred dollars later, it's starting to look a little bit more like home. However, the lightbulb is impossible to change--we couldn't get the fourteen foot ladder I rented (and hauled all the way home) up the stairs. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! (There's a screw in the ceiling, so there must be a way to reach the top of a 20 foot ceiling without a ladder!)

This puts the massive ceilings in perspective. Yet another room without genuine windows, but it's still a step-up from my den of a room in China.

Once we get the place put together I'll post more pictures.


*Fun fact: I pronounce all double "T"s as "D"s. Kitten=Kidden. Little=Liddle. Little Kitten=Liddle Kidden. Natty=Naddy. Kind of embarassing when you're living with someone you've only met roughly on three occassions prior to living with them.


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Go to any big-box hardware store. They'll sell poles with gadgets on the end meant to remove and insert light bulbs.

  2. Good idea. The only problem is do they sell a pole to remove the light fixture covering the light? I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow...I suppose I can always ask, right?

  3. So I just checked some online forums, and apparently the things at the hardware store can't remove the light fixtures typically...and even if it could, how would I put it back on? This is quite the mystery.

  4. why don't you just buy an extra lamp or two and forego the whole other light thing...

    buy em now, thank me later.

  5. I have two lamps in here already, and it's sooo dim after 6 p.m. that it just makes me want to sleep and play Scrabble, not be productive and journalistic.

  6. Hooray! Isn't moving fun!?

    We had to remove my bedroom door from the hingers to get my desk out. And then we couldn't get the couch into the elevator or the stairwell to move into the new place. So we had to find a place to ditch out. And my phone finally quit working.

    I'm glad I moved, but it's getting more and more expensive by the minute. I'll be a lot happier when things settle a little.

    Hope things are going a little bit better for you (though unfortunately it sounds like they're going a little bit worse.)

  7. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Hi, I would make use of a scaffold. There are, at least in CA, 6' high stackable scaffolds that would reach a max of 18' put together. You would have to rent 3 of them and outriggers. Or, I don't know if I should mention this, get one scaffold and put a 10' step ladder on top of it. Please be careful however you reach that height.

  8. Anonymous4:34 PM

    My grandfather used to tie 2 ladders together to make one long one. Crazy old farmer, but hey! He never fell! Just make sure of your knots. I'd say your other options are scaffolding, super-duper floor lamps, or a ladder bolted to the wall- just don't let your drunk friends on it. And that's all the engineering I can muster today.

    What about asking your landlord?

  9. Our landlord is apparently some crazy woman who doesn't speak English apart from asking, "Where's my money!?"