Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another day, another dollar (in debt)

I was walking to meet the Collective for sushi* on Thursday night, when something made me stop dead in my traps. Sitting on the Horseshoe's patio were two unmistakably familiar face. It was Phil and Lauren, of Raymi the minx fame. The whole situation felt peculiar, although I couldn't pinpoint why. I'm not a huge fan of Raymi's blog, although I'm sure she's an interesting persona, but I'm still a semi-regular reader of her site. There's a certain familiarity you get from voyeuristically reading about someone else's life on a regular basis.

But that's not what made me feel awkward--what made me feel strange was that I know the same thing has happened at parties to me, but vice versa. People have spotted me, recognized me, and I can immediatly see spelled across their face that they know way more about me than perhaps I'd like them too. Or more accurately, they think they know more about me.

Basically, passing Raymi on the street was the equivalent of meeting Melissa for the first time. Or whenever I see Gill.** Digital turns to analogue. I considered going up to say hi, but as I know Lauren doesn't read my blog, I kept walking. I figured it was a waste of time to say hi to someone who I don't know, and who doesn't know me. So there it is. We shall remain in the same digital spheres. (I guess this is what happens when I finally join the rest of the world and move west of Yonge Street.)

When I mentioned this scenerio at dinner, (in between all the journalism-related conversations that sounded roughly like this: "Jess Rafuse couldn't come to dinner because she's covering a murder case--and it's only her second day on the job!") Ashley brought up reading C'est What , who randomly happens to be in the same blogging social circle that Melissa, Lauren and I belong to. The others girls at the table were confused. Chloe and I tried to explain. But this picture probably serves that example best: in Chloe's blogging circle, name signs are totally normal and a necessity for validity (I suspect). In my circle, they're non-existant.

Imagine that. I belong to a social circle full of people I've never met, never spoken to and probably never will.

Enough about blogging. This blog isn't supposed to be self-referential constantly. Moving onwards.

September 22nd is CarFree Day. On Friday there were some people celebrating prematurely on Queen Street; two men knocking croquet balls into the streetcar tracks, and a mime on a bicycle playing badminton with a man in a top hot.

The stack of books on my floor was beginning to drive me insane.

So Junior came over to put my shelf up for me.

Julia is here visiting. (And we got a couch! Delivered! Yay! Furniture! Now we just need a kitchen table and chairs and we're golden!)

And finally, let me introduce to you all, my new roomate Natty, who has quickly fallen in love with my DVD collection (Freaks & Geeks and Arrested Development) and my obsessive baking.

Two weeks ago it was vegan zucchini cranberry muffings. Last weekend was carrot cake with cream cheese icing. This weekend it was vegan banana bread chocolate chip muffins (well, I admit the chocolate wasn't vegan, but that's a technicality) and apple cinnamon muffins.

I'm out of control. Nat and Brooke think I'm trying to fatten them up.

Other than that, McClung's is taking over my life. I spent all weekend sifting through masthead job applications and preliminary story pitches for the magazine. And quite frankly, I'm pretty sure the solution to my stress levels and workload is clear: more baked goods.


*I used to be deadly opposed to the concept of sushi as a meal, since I don't think a cold food constitutes dinner. That is, until I discovered the joy that is tempura vegetables. I'm a changed woman.

**Gill is roomate's with my friend and classmate Carla. She had a class and did a project with my old roomate Katrina last year. On top of this, she grew up with and is friends with my roomate Natty. We read one another's blogs, and we've met once or twice, but we have yet to have a full-on conversation. Kind of strange, when you think about it.


  1. Love the croquet picture.

    Love Junior.

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I love how blogs connect people who normally would never get to interact. I've met lots of cool and interesting people thru blogs -- even met a blogger from Redwood City when I took a business trip to San Francisco a couple years back.
    If I spot you when I visit Toronto I am definitely saying hi.

    Also brilliant suggestion for your magazine.

  3. Awww I love you too Alex. I think we've only ever met once, the night you and Jess met at a 518 party. Strange how we have this love, must be the beards.

    Anyways I gotta say that working for bake goods is amazing. If you need anything else done Jess, let me know. I'll do it for the cookies (or anything else baked).

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Is it just me or do Alex and Junior look alike?

  5. KFlo, it's just the beard connection I am sorry to say.

    Also to KFlo, I am sorry that I didn't get to see you when you came. I tried to find you when I finished with that important guy in the shirt, but you were gone.

  6. Anonymous1:56 AM

    lol. Nat will be so impressed when she sees that pic of her hahaa!
    I do also have to say your baking was deeelicious Jess well the banana chocolate chip muffins at least!

    Thanks for not minding me crashing and watching your entire Freaks & Geeks series.. watch heroes, you'll get hooked.

    PS - You'll notice a lot of random things happen on Queen St. There was this guy who would randomly set up a garage type sale across from 518.. he did it a few times until the cops stopped him because he didn't have a permit.. then he left all of his stuff there.. Mark and I raided it.. I got a popcorn popper, and an original gameboy.