Friday, August 24, 2007

Julia was right

Julia was right.

Now that I've ridden a Segway, I'm pretty sure my life can just end right now, and I'd be happy.

I also now truly believe that Segways are the way of the future. If only I had an extra $60 per month to spare. . .


  1. Worst.

    The cops in town ride around on those and it never ceases amaze me. All I can think of is Homer Simpson's line when he saw his first electric wheelchair -- "Hey, they have chairs with wheels and here I am using my legs like a sucker!"

  2. I am so jealous. How did you get the chance to do this?

  3. They have a course set up at West Edmonton Mall. The purpose is to sell the Segways, but for $10 they teach you to ride them and you get to ride two different models.

    It was pretty much the highlight of my life. (And pretty much something else that's just par for the course at West Ed. Ugh.)

  4. Highlight of your life? My hyperbole meter is off the charts.

    You gotta elaborate because I really don't get all the hoopla. I mean, as a means of conveyance, isn't it kind of...(wait for it)...pedestrian? I can see getting excited about a bike or a skateboard or even stilts, but this seems a little silly.

    Maybe it's because I'm approaching it from a distinctly American perspective. This country needs to avoid walking down the street like it needs Liquid Starburst candies or a bigger Big Mac.

    So, why all the fuss? Please, clue me in.

  5. I really can't justify my actions. I've been obsessed with Segways since they first started releasing those news releases about a "revoluntionary" invention, but not giving any clues to what it is...and then the aftermath of it being revealed and the world going, "What the fuck? How is this revolutionary?"

    I guess I feel a little bad for the poor Segway.

    Riding them is amazing though. I can't think of many practical uses for a segway, but the way the machine intuitively knows where you want to go is pretty cool.

    So there you have it. Segways are the nerdy kids in class who are actually pretty cool, although essentially useless.

  6. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Never used a Segway, but I would give it a try if the oppurtunity comes up.

    However, in the words of Tina Fey, I do feel as though this will completely revolutionize the way people get hit by cars.

    Good to hear you're in Toronto again. The bermuda triangle of party awkwardness is together once again.

  7. I remember those cryptic press leaks about how a new soon-to-be-released invention was going to revolutionize humanity. I was unbelievably disappointed when it turned out to be a dumb little scooter.

    All harassment aside, I'm glad you got your chance to try it out for yourself. Technologically, it's a pretty cool use of gyroscopes.

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Tina Fey is right. But they are awesome. I wish I could use one to get to work.

    By the way, don't look around, but there's a blue deer following you.