Friday, August 17, 2007


As predicted, not much has happened, apart from some stuff. I have no excuses for not blogging, apart from a general lack of wit and exciting occurrences.

Fall came predictably early to Cold Lake, oh, right around, August long weekend. There are still some die-hards claiming that it will warm up again, but I've got my moccassins on, and my tube tops packed and ready for the tropics of Toronto.

I finished job #1, packed up and closed down our office for the season, and drove to Edmonton to spend the weekend before driving back to finish my last two waitressing shifts at the restaurant.

It's kind of the end of an era. I started working there when I was 14, washing dishes for weddings and functions. I spent the summer I was 16 serving breakfasts and cleaning rooms, before I started cooking in the kitchen in the evenings (which is when I honed my cheesecake skills). That was short-lived though, since I suck at cooking, so I started waitressing, bartending and barista-ing.

It's been 9 years. It's been possibly the longest relationship I've ever had. It will be shutting down at the end of August.

One of the few things I'll miss about Cold Lake when I'm back in my concrete jungle is the wildlife--the fawns on the back road by my house, or seeing things like the huge black bear we spotted tonight when we were driving home.

Other than that, it's been same ol', same ol'. The Danger Dodd let me give him a tattoo. He requested a dinosaur since he knows they're my speciality.

So I drew him two.

"Do you like it?" I asked eagerly, upon the completion of my masterpiece.

"I didn't know it was going to be so big."

He liked it. I'm sure of it.

This week, Naomi asked me how my summer has been.

"I honestly don't know how to answer that," I told her. We sat in silence together for a few moments, reflecting upon the past 4 months. "Actually, now that I think about it," I confessed, "I'm probably just grumpy because I don't feel like I got to go swimming in the lake enough this year."

Naomi grinned in agreement. "Me too." We're Cold Lakers, born and raised.

My whole room is in shambles as I type this. Tomorrow, it's Edmonton for Fringe Festival and friends, and then next Thursday it's back to the humidity and my ever-active social calendar.

What's up next? Fake Prom and V-Fest, not to mention a new apartment, a new neighbourhood and a new smokin' hot roomate.

Toronto, are you ready for me?

(Because I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for you.)


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    You will have a smokin' hot roomate.
    Take care of her for me as I wont be there this year.

  2. There must be something in the water. At the end of September I'm packing up and heading to Ontario. I'll be in Toronto for a week, then it's up north to Haliburton.

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Hooray for your return to Toronto!

    Sadly, I just left. I'm excited to read about what neighborhood you chose.