Friday, July 13, 2007

This is what I call a "business trip"

Without revealing too much about my employer #1, I gotta say that sometimes, my job is pretty awesome.

Like, this week, when I actually got paid to dress like this.

This is the full view. (Note the awesome bling handcrafted by yours truly out of wrapping paper and cardboard.) That's my co-worker Jonathan.

When we heard we had to go on a business trip to be in the Lloydminster music-themed parade, Jonathan suggested we all dress to represent the different musical genres. I saw this as the golden opportunity to prove to Alex Dodd that I do, in fact, have serious street cred.

This is Danielle from Fort McMurray, representing country music. We shared a hotel room and threw a waterslide pool party together. (Sadly, only Jonathan, Danielle and I attended. But we dominated those waterslides!)

This is the candy we got to eat. . .I mean, throw out to the kids. Deep beneath the bubblegum and suckers were chupa-chups, gummies, jolly ranchers and serious quality candy. I may or may not have taken advantage of my baggy borrowed jeans by stuffing the huge pockets with candy.

The crew waiting for the parade to start.

Natalie, repping rock music.

And this is me, having some serious street cred, right on the street, no less. That's right Alex Dodd, would you wanna mess with this, dogg?

I'm more hardcore than you can ever know. This picture is what Jacob would refer to as a fistful of awesome.

And sometimes, my job #1 is pretty much a massive fistful of awesome.


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    No arguments, that is a good job you have there.

  2. That last photo is the whitest thing I've ever seen.

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    mmmmm bubble gum mmmmm

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM


  5. Anonymous8:31 AM

    ummm if you do come to the airport, can you wear this?

  6. carla calls your jobs fat-cattery. Too true. but i love it.