Friday, July 06, 2007

This country and I are both getting old

Everyone, this is Kate. Say, "Hi Kate." Okay, good. Now say, "Nice first position Kate."

I grew up with Kate. My first memory of her was in kindergarten, when her older brother Ian, who is the same age as me, brought her in for show-and-tell. We had early beginnings.

We highland danced together for eons when we were younger. She was the first person who came to stay with me in Toronto. We worked together at the HH. And everytime we go out together, we have an awesome time.

Basically I'm putting up these pictures of the Canada Day weekend for Kate's benefit, because I'm pretty sure she's probably just been hitting refresh on my page for the last 5 days straight in hopes that I'll post them.

Sadly, I didn't take many.

It was the first time I'd been out since the May long weekend. Walking into the bar, I didn't know anyone. Kate and her friends knew everyone. They started calling me Old Lady Jessica.

I was feeling kind of dejected until I saw someone I knew. A guy with a bandana and long faux seventies metal hair came rushing up to me. "I know you," he said, excited and drunk. "How do I know you?"

I laughed. "I used to teach you."

When he was in grade 9 and I was in grade 12, I helped teach my multi-media teacher's classes during my spare periods (you know, as opposed to going to Walmart or getting high like everyone else did during their spares). Bandana boy was one of my students. "I'm going to buy you a shot," he insisted.

And then he grabbed my ass. Before I knew it, my index finger was in the air and I was waving it in his face. No, no. Ne touche pas! And then I truly felt like Old Lady Jessica.

The second time a person that night recognized me, wasn't much better. "Do you know who I am?" the guy asked me. "Yah, you graduated with my brother," I told him. "Do you remember yelling at me?" "Uh, no."

He launched into the story of an event I have no recollection of, but have no doubt in my mind that it actually happened: "When I was still in high school, some guys were picking on your brother. You told them off, and then because you thought I was one of them, you started yelling at me. I've been terrified of you for years, because of that day." It was a classic story of my teenage self--defending my much older brother in nothing less than sheer sibling protectiveness.

Last night he took me out for a cup of peppermint tea. "I don't think I've ever met a girl from Cold Lake before who is as interesting as you are. You've been everywhere. You've done everything."

"I haven't done much," I told him, sipping my tea. "All I did was leave."

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    Hi Jess,

    Just found your blog and it is really *good*... :-)

    I'm glad I dropped by.