Thursday, July 26, 2007

Elizabeth May and Bill Clinton are BFFs!

Maclean's reported this week that Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, is the proud new owner of a Prius hybrid.

Good for her. It's good to know that May did her research before purchasing the car.

I've been doing a lot of reading about hybrids lately, particularly the Prius, and allegedly the carbon footprint left from shipping of the Prius from Japan to Canada alone, outweighs the benefits of lifetime use of the car. May also apparently bought the car to travel around Central Nova Scotia, which, to my understanding, is rural driving--and hybrids work most effectively in urban environments.

But that's not all. According this article she would have been further ahead to have purchased a Hummer.

I'm a little dissapointed that I can no longer fully support the Green party, if this is a clear example of the research, planning and decision-making they're capable of. It's a good thing I only vote for them in hopes of establishing a more democratic electoral system.


  1. ugh did i ever tell you about my sleazy ex roomate who ran for mayor for fun then decided to get into politics and the green part invited him to be their leader there?
    such a many stories i will tell you them when i se eyou next

  2. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I like people in 5,000 sq ft monster houses with Prius'/Prii/Priuses in their driveways - especially when they run their air conditioners in April

  3. Id actually like to see how they come up with these footprints and what not. That link you provided also has a comment, that disputes some of the things said in your research. Bottom line... skateboard. Cheaper, good exercise, and some good ol' fun.

  4. I don't doubt that the article is erroneous in some capacities, or at least that the information is debatable. However, it's simple math that buying a car that has been shipped (or parts of it) from Japan is environmentally irresponsible, when there is the option available to buy locally made hybrids.

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I live in a 4500 sq foot house, but it doesn't feel monstrous. You get used to it. Having uncluttered indoor space provides serenity and keeps the winter blues away.

    I drive a Suburban, and if I should happen to collide with a Prius, I will probably win.

  6. I think that making concious consumer decisions, especially in regards to vehicles, is a large product of environment and location.

    For example, in Cold Lake the idea of owning a Prius or a Smart Car is ridiculous. Both cars are built for city living and commuting, not for highway driving. That being said, is it necessary for half of the people in town to drive a monster truck? Probably not. (Use it for work? Have a boat that you regularly haul? Travel regularly in winter? These are legitimate reasons for owning a F-150.)

    An acquaintance of mine, who is the quintessential Alberta oil worker, recently put up "for sale" signs on his pride and joy, his huge truck. The guy is honestly a hick (not just because he's from here--he's actually kind of a hick), but even he came to the realization that these trucks are a) totally unneccessary (he has his work truck to drive to work) and b) really expensive to own and run. I'm not sure if he cares about the environmental implications, but that's beyond the point.

  7. Re: air conditioning in april:

    I find it's far easier to remove some clothing. I don't even run electic fans anymore. I just close the blinds a bit, open some windows for some breeze, and take my shirt and socks off. A supply of freezies on hand doesn't hurt either.