Friday, June 22, 2007

Not a Happy Camper Part 2

I've gotten quite a few questions lately from friends about the campground incident with Alberta Beach. "Did you call her back to complain?" No. I figured that there was no point. But lucky for me, I didn't need to call her to complain, because she called me back today.

"Hi, Jessica?"


"This is Lakeview Campgrounds calling, did I call you back a couple of weeks ago?"

"Uh, yes."

"Oh, okay. So, you found out all the information you needed?"

"Yes, I found out that I'm not allowed to book a campsite because I'm in my twenties."

"That's not what I said," she told me defensively, "I said we only book to families."

"It is with my family. My family just doesn't happen to consist of kids. I was rather offended by your presumption that just because we're in our twenties that we're going to get drunk, out of control and cause a ruckus." Yes, that's right. I used the word ruckus.

"If you were in my situation, you would understand."

No, actually, this is what I understand--this past weekend, Alex Dodd and I stayed in a campsite. While us tenting twentysomethings were quiet and playing Scrabble (oh! the rowdiness!), the "families" at the campground felt it was necessary to blast "Stand By Me" and terrible techno music through their RV speakers at well past midnight. (I'm sure you can all commiserate with me with stories of "adults" out of control, yet they still garner more respect.)

So, no, I don't understand. And I can't help but wonder what's going to happen when I'm 40, childless and still don't own an RV?


  1. when i used to live in a campground they had a party loop, or a section where they put all rowdies or suspected rowdies. Which really, I think you should be able to make noise etc if you camp, you should also get peace and quiet if you want. I dunno, probably they should just ask what you want.

  2. "Suspected rowdies." Haha. Okay, I can understand being a suspected rowdy, but being flat-out refused a camping spot is what has me pissed off.

    Also, Melissa, I love it when your stories start with, "When I lived [input totally unexpected place here]. . ."

  3. What will you do when you're 40, childless and don't own an RV?

    Play with your cats?