Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reasons I hate northern Alberta sometimes #1

This is what I wore to work today. A wool dress. Because wool is warm, and it was cold out.

This is what the weather was like today. (Yes, that is snow. It snowed for about an hour in Bonnyville today.)

The wool dress was not enough.


  1. Anonymous1:30 AM

    You're funny, and pretty.

  2. Oooh, and a sun-roof. This gets better and better.

  3. I love snow. I'me jealous you got snow. There is no longer snow in Paris, global warming you know.

  4. It was in the 90s here the past week. Starting to be smog and fire season, dontchaknow. Enjoy the fresh air!

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Still, you've inspired me once again. I think I'll wear a wool dress to work tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Bonnyville, eh? Good times.

    Have you eaten at 'Mom's'? Same block as Sylvestre's Sports next to the Booze store. Good turkey sandwiches. Homemade bread and soups. Yum.

  7. I definitely ate at Mom's on Wednesday. It was delicious. I had a grilled cheese sandwich.

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Awesome! Best food in Bonnyville, easily outdoing the faux fancyschmancy places like Chez Adele's. Shame they only do lunch.

    There was an outstanding place in an old house by the marina in Cold Lake too, in a little old house with just a few tables. They would do a few set menus, mediterrannean-themed, for about 20 bucks! It didn't fly though, because the hoser majority wants burgers, not hummus and pita and homemade butternut squash ravioli with sage butter and such.

  9. Who is this anonymous commenter? And the place you were talking about was called the Meditteranian cafe. They eventually bought out a bigger restaurant and moved into it, and it was quite popular for a year or so (always packed on weekends) until the food quality started going downhill).

  10. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I am the anonymous gourmand. I am not the same anonymous as the first anonymous commenter above though. With all respect to the earlier anonymous, I think that commenting anonymously about your appearance is creepy.

    That said, you blog is a good one, so I will compliment you on that.

    All the best in your career.

  11. Anonymous6:45 PM

    i think that is my favourite dress that your wearing!