Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Like a road-tripping pro

With over 2100 kilometers on my car in just a little over a week, I, dear friends, am a road-tripping pro.

But even I grow weary on the road and my eyelids grow heavy at times. I suppose it's directly correlated with knowing every curve of the road, field and roadside gas station on good ol' highway 28. (And there aren't even that many curves. This is Alberta, after all.)

But I'm never too worried, because I know all the perfect ingredients for staying awake during the long hauls:

1. First, turn off the heat and roll the windows down. If that doesn't work, get out of the car and jog around it about 5 times. Guaranteed to wake you up until to you make it to the next hamlet where you can stock up on supplies.

2. Red Bull obviously keeps you awake. But the Spitz, accordingly to my chiropractor, are a trucker's secret. (And, my chiropractor is the authoritative source on truckers.) Since they are an official "activity food" (that is, they involve some effort to eat beyond chewing and swallowing) they are more likely to keep you awake. Added bonus: you will likely have your window rolled down to eat them, which ties in nicely with step #1. (On this particular trip, I was also tempted to buy a cigarello to smoke, a la Melissa, but then I remembered I don't smoke and therefore, don't know proper ashing techniques and was liable to set myself on fire while driving.)

But if that doesn't work, there's always my hidden weapon:

3. DMX. . .And Then There Was X. I stole this CD from a high school boyfriend, but only really pull it out for occassions like this. I really like, "Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys" (which was my high school theme song for a very short-lived period of time, until I discovered that in fact, bad guys do tell mad lies, even if I'm a honey with class, not just a honey with ass). I also thoroughly enjoy barking along with the barking bits.

And this weekend? Another 600 kilometer drive. But this time I'm gonna have my mama to keep me company.


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I've found SoBe teas to be helfpful on the road. Particularly their black tea and green tea with all that ginseng and guarana or whatever that shit is.

    P.s. your commute is insane.

  2. If I decided to take the car in the fall, you're going to take it in for a tune-up first, right? 'Cuz I don't feel like inheriting all the problems that your road-tripping is likely to cause. :-p

    Just buggin' ya. Also, the speedometre lights are red. RED! Awesome...

  3. Actually, the speedometer area of the car looks like a RACE CAR. You'll like it. And besides, the first "road trip" was a business trip.

  4. I always thought this was the official trucker's secret.

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I think I have heart that DMX song somewhere sometime. I might have even been sitting in the car while listening to it. haha.. and you look pretty. :)