Monday, May 28, 2007

Facebook is good for something? Weird.

This seriously changes everything.

(Did anyone else ever name the characters after their sixth grade nemeses and then proceed to kill each of their family members off? Oh, I'm the only one? Yah, I was kind of a messed up 11-year-old. I blame it on spending a lot of time with an older brother who made grappling hooks for my Barbies.)


  1. I never played Oregon Trail as a kid... as soon as I get home (Im in the computer lab at school) Im getting my fill in on a miss childhood.

    Know where I can get mathville?

  2. I want a refund...

    Oregon Trail doesn't work!!

  3. I haven't tried it yet. Maybe it only works on macs? It was originally a game for apple computers.

  4. *sigh*

    I'll have to steal someones mac and play it on there.

  5. It runs just fine for me. Did you unzip it? Are you running oregon.exe?

  6. tried that and tried to install...