Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Y'all listen up: this is seriously compelling!

Things I've Done Today in Avoidance of my Sociology Essay:
A List

1. Looked at myself topless in the mirror to try and assess how much weight I've gained from the combined lack of good produce at No Frills/Easter binging/Brie's birthday cake/year-end staff parties/drinking gin and tonics/no exercise apart from running to school late every day.

2. Weighed myself to discover that I have, in fact, gained around 5 lbs.

3. In misery about my jiggly tummy, I killed my sorrows by making myself a grilled cheese sandwich with extra cheese, because that's clearly the solution.

4. Then I made myself another grilled cheese sandwich.

5. Read the following articles in this month's GQ: "Do You Have a Man Crush?" "Read This Before You Say 'I Do'" (an article about pre-nuptial agreements and relationship finances) and "My Second Vice" (an article about Second Life)

6. Searched for YouTube videos about Second Life.

7. Watched another episode of that annoying Pussycat Dolls show. (I really can't justify this behaviour except to say that I'm completely compelled by female behaviour that I can't even begin to understand. Why are girls so gross?)

8. Checked Facebook roughly 5 times.

9. Ate half a box of cheese flavoured rice crackers.

10. Debated whether to call job #1 to let them know that I accidentally left an entire container of spicy hummus in the staff closet. Opted not to, despite the fact that I don't work again until Friday.

11. Blogged.


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Well done on the cheese! I recommend eating more doritos too. And a lot of beer.

    You know if your tummy really jiggles you could make a movie of it and put it on youtube or something. You could become even more famous than you are now.

    Cool angle in the photo.

  2. You have a really nice floor.

  3. i like that last pic too. :-)