Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is a rant.

As much as I like to kid myself into thinking that I'm laid back, I'm most noticeably not when it comes to things involving time.

Are you excessively late and I'm waiting for you someplace? Chances are I'm shaking and getting nervous, and starting to sweat.

Right now I'm shaking and sweaty because a parcel I was expecting about a week ago still hasn't arrived. Having a flash of brilliance, I decided to check the UPS tracking number. Apparently my package was delivered to "reception" on March 28th, and someone named "Shina" signed for it? I ran downstairs to the restaurant, deciding that "Shina" must actually be "China" and that someone downstairs signed for it. However, the package wasn't delivered there.

I called the shipper, and they told me the item is out of stock now, so all they can do is reimburse me. Which obviously doesn't do me much good.

Next it was time to call UPS. All the menus were giving me the run-around, so I did what anyone else would do: I repeatedly hit the zero button until I finally got a live person. It turns out that despite the fact UPS has my correct address on file, they delivered the package to the building next door to me.

And sure enough, when I went next door there was a girl named Shina working at the reception. She has no idea what happened to the package.

I called UPS again. "Well, Shina must have it," they told me, "she signed for it." Very politely (politeness is key--the guy at the other end of the phone isn't responsible for the mistkae--the company he works for is--there's a huge difference, and I never want to become one of those people who doesn't recognize that difference) I asked, "I don't care that Shina signed for it. Who is liable for this in the end?"

"Well, we are," the guy admitted, before quickly saying again, "but I would contact your shipper, and then we can get more information, and send out a driver to pick up the package from Shina and deliver it to your address."

Uh. The package is missing, buddy. I realize you're reading from a script, but this is a stupid script. I live directly next door, so why would I want UPS to pick up and re-deliver a package that has gone missing? "Okay, what do I do if Shina can't find the package? Who is responsible? What's the next action to take?"

"Contact us and we'll go and pick up the package from Shina and deliver it to you."


I'm a little irate right now. (Rebecca Rose, should I be angry?)


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    They jerked me around once and I ended up calling the VP of Operations at their head office in Atlanta (I was living in the States at the time) to get them to live up to their obligations. It worked.
    But I still won't ever use UPS.

  2. Haha. The only reason I posted this is because I know everyone can totally commiserate. We've all been there.

    And sadly, we'll all be there again.

  3. I had the EXACT same convo with a UPS guy as well. In my case TELUS (where the package came from) sent me antoher package curtosity of UPS.

    and yes, you totaly deserve to be angry.

  4. The contents of the package are unimportant. It's the principle of the matter.

    But if you really need to was a new pair of earphones for my creative player. I've been borrowing Brie's earphones for her ipod since, and the sound quality sucks in comparison.

    And even worse, this means that I'm faced with the prospect of a long journey home with NO MUSIC.

    This is why I'm upset.

  5. I just ordered a necklace from my friend's Etsy shop - she put it into the mailbox without any postage on it. She's unsure if it will come back to her, so the fabulous white necklace that I ordered may never arrive. She's offered to send me a new necklace, but it's green, not white. I wanted white. But if it comes back, she'll ship it to me and then I get two necklaces. I suppose that's a good compromise.

    Shipping woes...gah!

  6. Speaking of shipping woes, Alex Dodd has been waiting 4 months to get my Christmas present to him, partially due to Canada Post confusion. It's awesome that I will be giving him his Christmas present on April 23rd.